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Reflection Questions: Sunday August 2

Every week, our Senior Pastor provides a couple of questions to accompany his sermon. These questions are meant to be tools to help you reflect more deeply about what the Holy Spirit stirred within your heart while you listened to the sermon.

Try using the questions as journaling prompts, or to take with you into your time of personal prayer, as a conversation point with God.

If you missed Sunday’s service, you can listen to the audio anytime from our podcasts page.


In Matthew 16:15, Jesus asks the question, “And who do you say that I am?” How would you answer that question today? How would you have answered that question ten years ago?

A few chapters later, in Matthew 20:32, Jesus asks another question, “What do you want me to do for you?” If you go as deeply as you can into the private spaces of your heart, how would you answer that question? 

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